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Unable to connect at 56k using AccelePort RAS 4/8


Unable to connect at 56K when calling into the modems of the AccelePort RAS 4/8.


The AccelePort RAS 4/8 has modems which are 56k v.90 analog modems. These modems have the same limitations as any other 56k v.90 analog modem.


A 56k analog modem is able to receive at a theoretical maximum of 56k and transmit at a maximum of 33.6k. To transmit at 56k you must have a digital (not analog) modem designed to transmit at 56k AND have a digital link to your phone company. Many, if not most, ISPs have this type of modem and link to the phone company. The ISP can transmit at 56k and if you have a 56k v.90 analog modem, you can often RECEIVE at speeds faster than 28.8 or 33.6k. However, you can not TRANSMIT at 56k with your analog modem. This is why if from home (or a remote location) which has an analog phone line you call into the AccelePort RAS 4/8, the best connection speed you can establish (with a perfect phone connection) is 33.6k. However, if you call out from the AccelePort RAS 4/8 to an ISP with a digital connection to the phone company, you can often establish a much higher speed.

If you would like to try improving the speed, make sure you have the latest firmware and driver files for your modem. Also, try passing the phone line directly from the back of the modem to the phone outlet on the wall. Passing the phone line through surge protectors, phones, answering machines, etc. may contribute to slow connections. Again, though, your phone lines may simply not support higher speeds.

Last updated: Jul 09, 2019

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