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Understanding Dynamic Group Assignment (DGA) on the AnywhereUSB/14

If Enable Dynamic Group Assignment (DGA) is checked, USB ports can be re-assigned to other Group numbers "on the fly" without disrupting unaffected USB ports. This is an important feature because, with previous AnywhereUSB firmware, the AnywhereUSB had to be rebooted for the the Group re-assignment changes to take effect, thus ALL USB ports were disrupted.


  • Each USB port number corresponds to the physical USB port number on the front panel of the AnywhereUSB/14.
  • Each USB port of the AnywhereUSB/14 can be assigned to a single Group.
  • Assigning a USB port to the UNASSIGNED Group leaves it Unavailable to all host computers, essentially disabled.
  • Only one host computer may be connected to a specific Group at a time.
  • Enabling or disabling the DGA feature itself requires that the AnywhereUSB be manually rebooted afterwards, for the change to take effect.
  • The DGA feature was added in the v1.70 AnywhereUSB firmware.

The related RealPort USB Configuration section, from the AnywhereUSB/14 Web UI:

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Last updated: Jan 10, 2024

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