Understanding TCP and UDP Ports on the Wireless Vehicle Adapter

When using the Digi Wireless Vehicle Adapter (WVA), there are several options for gathering vehicle telematics data from the unit.  Two of the most popular are:
  • Interact directly with the WVA through its web services API
  • Leverage open source Python programming onboard the WVA to gather telematics and forward them to hosted platforms such as Digi Remote Manager

When using the WVA, there are a few points to understand about the following network ports:
  • TCP port 3199
      Used to provide TLS (SSL) encrypted transmission via Digi’s Easy Device Protocol (EDP)
  • UDP port 53
      Used for domain name resolution via DNS
  • UDP port 123
      Used for time synchronization via Network Time Protocol (NTP)
If using the WVA with Digi Remote Manager, then access to the platform must be allowed via TCP port 3199.  This can be achieved through the following approaches:
  • http://www.squid-cache.org - to allow the URL and port 3199

Since most customers develop mobile applications to handle certain interactive tasks with the WVA, it is possible to allow the application to set or synchronize time on the WVA.  So if there is a desire to avoid use of UDP port 123, then this can be achieved using the above approach.
Last updated: Mar 07, 2019

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