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USB to PLC through SNP adapter


I am running LogicMaster (or GE-Fanuc) under WinXP and am having problems connecting from a non-Digi USB/232 adapter to a Series 90 Micro PLC going through an SNP adapter.

When I switch from offline to monitor the LED indications on the USB/232 adapter that LogicMaster90 is using to communicate with the Micro PLC, LogicMaster90 displays no communications.  However, this does work off my system running Windows 2000.


To initiate an SNP communications session the PLC expects a "Long Break" to come across the serial interface, which many non-Digi USB/232 products fail to do.


The Digi Edgeport USB serial product has been tested in this environment and does work.

Last updated: Jul 09, 2019

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