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Using the AccelePort RAS 4/8 with VSI Fax



I am receiving Fax transmission errors when using VSI Fax with the Digi AccelePort RAS product.  However, faxing works fine when using the standard com ports.



The Digi AccelePort RAS 4.8 supports Class 2 and 2.0 faxing.  You need to disable Class 2.0 for it to work with VSI Fax.



1.  Make sure you are running the latest driver and firmware available 
     for the Digi AccelePort RAS product.

2.  Look for the file c2modems.ini in the following directory:
     C:Program FilesVSIFaxServerlib  
     Within this file is a section as follows:
[Digi International modems];
     mfg-pattern = "Digi International"

add the following command string: disable-class-2.0=true


It should now look like:
      [Digi International modems];
      mfg-pattern = "Digi International"
Last updated: Jan 11, 2024

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