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Using the internal temperature in Connect Sensor

Receiving the ambient temperature from a location where assets are being monitored is almost always valuable information.  To address this customer need, the Connect Sensor has an internal ambient temperature sensor, so that function can be provided for free. 


I know what you are saying to yourself, “Wait now, we can’t rely on an internal temperature sensor.  It will have significant error due to self heating of the device”


That would be 100% true for an always on gateway or router, but because the Connect Sensor is a battery powered, sleeping device, there is no self heating of the device when it is sleeping.   When the Connect Sensor wakes up, one of its first actions is to read the sensor, so the temp data is read before any self heating can occur.  Analysis has shown that there is no self heating as long as the read interval is 15 minutes or longer.  At <15 minutes you may see 1-2 C temp rise over ambient. 


Save yourself some money and use the internal temp sensor on Connect Sensor, not an external ambient temp sensor. 

Last updated: Mar 04, 2019

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