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Using YMODEM to Update Firmware on the Digi Connect Tank & Connect Sensor

1)  TeraTerm must be installed on the PC before starting.  Other terminal emulators that support YMODEM file transfers may be compatible, but will not be covered in this article.
2)  The firmware for the Connect Tank/Sensor must be downloaded to the local PC.  The latest build of firmware for the Connect Sensor can be found here.
Connect Sensor
3)  1x - USB Type-A-to-USB Type B cable.
1)  Open the Connect Tank/Sensor enclosure and plug in the USB Type-A-to-USB Type-B cable between the PC and the device.
2)  The driver for the Connect Tank/Sensor should install automatically.  Use Device Manager on the Windows PC to determine the COM port that was installed, as shown below:

User-added image

3)  Open TeraTerm, and choose the option for Serial, selecting the COM port that was discovered in step 2 above, as shown below:

User-added image
4)  Click on Setup > Serial Port to edit the baud rate of the port to 115200 baud, as shown below:

User-added image
5)  Press the Wake button on the Connect Tank/Sensor to wake the device up.  Type in the command fwupdate.
6)  Immediately after typing in the ‘fwupdate’ command, start the YMODEM transfer.  This can be done by click on File > Transfer > YMODEM > Send…, browse to the firmware file, and clicking Open to start the transfer, as shown below:

User-added image
NOTE:  The process of starting the firmware update is time sensitive.  If the update fails due to a timeout, start the process again by typing ‘fwupdate’, and again browsing to the file.  Repeat the process until the file transfer starts successfully.
7)  Once the file transfer completes, a message similar to the screenshot below should appear:

User-added image
8)  The Connect Tank/Sensor will need to go through a sleep cycle for the new firmware to show as the running firmware.  Once the device sleeps, wake the device up with the Wake button, and issue the status command to view the current firmware, as shown below:

User-added image

Last updated: Mar 07, 2019

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