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Windows BSOD / bluescreen in AnywhereUSB license dongle scenario

When using one or more USB license dongles with an AnywhereUSB, a Windows blue screen may occur and point to an AnywhereUSB .sys (driver) file.   If the dongle is not connected, the blue screen does not occur.  If you plug in a USB mouse or keyboard in the same USB port, the blue screen still does not occur.
This can be caused by outdated license dongle drivers.  Please contact the license dongle vendors to ensure the latest dongle driver packages available are installed.  Use Windows Device Manager to determine the driver date and version being used for the license dongles, normally listed in the USB Controllers section.

This can also be caused by outdated AnywhereUSB drivers and firmware.  Please ensure the latest AnywhereUSB driver and firmware is being used on all AnywhereUSB devices connected to that specific host computer.

Last updated: Jan 09, 2024

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