XTAB - XTend to XStream adapter board

1 - XTAB installed on XIB-R with JM2R6-CR3-7I antenna cable
5 - Expanded view of XTAB-A installed on XIB-R
  • The XTAB has no RF connector. This board is generally used when the XTend XT09-MI module will be used with an antenna or RF cable with an MMCX RF connector.
    If an RPSMA connector is required we offer a 7" MMCX to RPSMA-female RF cable (p/n: JM2R6-CR3-7I). The MMCX connector can be plugged into the XTend module, and the bulk-head RPSMA-female connector (just like on the XStream OEM module) can mount at any location on the enclosure.
  • The XTAB-A comes with an RPSMA-female RF connector in the same place as on the XStream OEM module, plus an MMCX to MMCX RF connector cable to connect the XT09-MI to the XTAB-A. This can be used to make an XT09-MI module look just like an XStream OEM module (plus an additional < 0.100" height), complete with RPSMA-female antenna connector in the same place.

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Last updated: Aug 08, 2017

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