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'XXEVENT Failure' Error Seen When Using AccelePort Products in SCO OpenServer


An xxevent Adapter failed error is seen on the system console or messages log and all or part of the ports do not work. Rebooting the system may gets the ports working again temporarily.



  1. The system BIOS is not reserving a memory address for the PCI adapter. Please be sure the latest BIOS available from your BIOS manufacturer is installed and try reserving an available memory range (ISA adapters) or an IRQ (PCI adapters) within the system BIOS settings. Also try swapping the adapter to another slot (preferably slot 1).
  2. The adapter is failing. In which case the errors will become more frequent, to determine whether this is the case, the DOS diagnostics should be run for the period of time that would catch a failure. The Universal DOS diagnotics tool is available for download here.

Additional Information:

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Last updated: May 24, 2019

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