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Digi XBee Software

Digi XCTU is a free and simple GUI platform to configure Digi XBee modules.

Easily configure and manage simple projects and sophisticated solutions.

Sidestep the frustrations, roadblocks, and pitfalls of RF projects thanks to Digi XCTU, the free, multiplatform GUI application that lets you easily set up, configure, and test Digi XBee® RF modules.

Digi XCTU includes all of the software tools you need to get up and running with Digi XBee – fast. The unique graphical network view visually presents your Digi XBee network along with the signal strength of each connection. And the intuitive API frame builder helps you build and interpret API frames for Digi XBees being used in API mode. Digi XCTU is the developer’s toolkit that makes Digi XBee development easier than ever.

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An Introduction to XCTU

Rapid Development Only for Digi XBee

Intuitive graphical user interface for simple wireless network configuration.

Spectrum Analyzer
Spectrum Analyzer to Measure the Radio’s Band
From within the Digi XCTU interface, users can test and measure the spectrum of the radio’s band. The analysis displays average, maximum, and minimum values of each channel. This is helpful to determine which channel to set your Digi XBee radios to and troubleshoot network issues.
Throughput Tool
Throughput Tool to Measure Transfer Rates
With the Throughput Tool, users can measure the maximum transfer ratio from one radio module to another within the same network. The tool provides three session modes and several payload configuration options to test different combinations and understand the performance of your wireless network.
Digi XBee API
Digi XBee API
With Digi XBee API mode, it’s easy to set up a network, change parameters, and expose a variety of additional information encoded in each packet such as RSSI and source address on a packet by packet basis.
Command Line Interface
Command Line Interface for Greater Flexibility
New to XCTU is Command Line Interface (CLI) Support. Now, users can execute the application in CLI mode without the graphic interface. Primarily useful for scripting and automation purposes when managing large scale XBee deployments, enabling programmers the flexibility to choose the interface most useful for their application.
Graphical Network View
Graphical Network View
Digi XCTU includes all of the tools a developer needs to quickly get up and running with Digi XBee. Unique features like graphical network view, which graphically represents the XBee network along with the signal strength of each connection, and the API frame builder, which intuitively helps to build and interpret API frames for Digi XBee in API mode, combine to make development on the Digi XBee platform easier than ever.
Published Code Libraries
Published Code Libraries
Whether it’s a simple point-to-point project or complex mesh device networks, you can get started quickly with published Digi XBee Code Libraries and a wide range of third-party libraries created by the Digi XBee community. Examples vary from simple API code and shortcuts, to more sophisticated code logic for our programmable modules and gateways.
Digi TrustFence

Digi TrustFence®

Digi TrustFence is the security framework for Digi XBee. TrustFence provides a tested and fully integrated security framework designed for the industrial IOT. The built-in security of Digi TrustFence gives you secure connections, authenticated boot, encrypted data storage, secure JTAG, secure software updates, and TLS v1.2 for secure over-the-air data transmissions.