Announcing Support for Android Oreo on Digi ConnectCore 6 SOMs and SBCs

Digi is pleased to announce we are rolling out support this week for Android 8.0 Oreo – a release Google describes as “smarter, faster, more powerful and sweeter than ever.”

Android is a well-known operating system for mobile devices, but it’s also increasingly being adopted as a more general embedded operating system for high-end, graphic- and multimedia-intensive embedded products. And now it’s available on the Digi ConnectCore® 6 system-on-module and single board computer.

Android Oreo

What are the key drivers of increased adoption of Android in the embedded space?

  • Android offers an easy, UI-rich application development environment.
  • Its large developer community can quickly develop applications with rich graphical user interfaces.
  • There are many available Android APIs for hardware access.
  • Android applications can make use of camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other hardware interfaces with clean easy to use and well documented APIs. Developers have no need to understand the underlying system.
  • Android Studio provides a fully featured IDE to design, develop and debug Android applications.
  • Because Android is an open source, royalty-free, Linux-based development environment, the availability of development tools and community support is tremendous.

All of the above make embedded Android a great choice for quick cost-effective prototyping, with the assurance that the same hardware, operating system and applications can be used in demanding production environments.

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Built on NXP’s i.MX platform, Digi ConnectCore SOMs and SBCs are an effective way to rapidly build intelligence into devices. ConnectCore modules are ultra-compact and versatile solutions to get to market by virtually eliminating the traditional risk, effort, and complexity of custom board designs, without sacrificing flexibility or capabilities.

ConnectCore 6 Single Board ComputerIn addition to supporting Android Oreo, ConnectCore 6 offers pre-integrated connectivity with scalable performance, reliability in harsh environments and these additional features:

  • Pre-certified Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi integration
  • Digi XBee RF module and cellular connectivity options
  • Gigabit Ethernet support
  • Multi display/camera and audio support
  • External storage, expansion connectors

Get Started with Digi Embedded for Android on the ConnectCore 6 SBC right now. And watch this space for the upcoming Digi Embedded for Android releases for other Digi Embedded platforms like the ConnectCore 6 Plus and the ConnectCore 8X.

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