Flying Eye Relies on Digis XBee for Drone Connectivity and Parachute Deployment

Digi International
May 02, 2016

France-based Flying Eye has become one of the high-performance drone industry's emerging leaders. Demand for drones has skyrocketed in recent years and as demand has increased, the functions of drones have become increasingly varied.

Flying Eye drones are used to spray crops, capture photographs and videos of remote destinations, and extend the reach of their customers. With the use of drones, in some cases, in densely populated areas, safety is a top priority for Flying Eye.

To ensure a high standard of safety, Flying Eye incorporated Digi's XBee® RF modules into their drones.

The drones are built with parachutes to be deployed in the event of flight disruption or control failure. It protects the drone from crashing, as well as any people or property that might be in the drone's flight path. The drone operator's connection has two separate RF links, one of which is devoted solely to the emergency parachute. The XBee RF module is used to control the two separate radio links.

The reliability, range, and cost effectiveness of the XBee RF module were all major factors in Flying Eye's decision to use them in their drones. Not only is Flying Eye able to meet strict regulatory requirements, but their customers' minds are put at ease by the safety features of the product. With Flying Eye's drones being used to capture this year's Euro Cup, and thanks to Digi, the safety of these drones can be guaranteed in packed stadiums across France.

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