The Next Generation of IoT Applications

Digi International
June 12, 2016

IoT networking is continually advancing with enhancements in the enabling technologies. Sensors, gateways, batteries and cellular networks are all advancing, and cloud-based tools are widely available. Coupled with refined data storage and analytics, a new generation of IoT applications - formerly known as M2M - is boosting enterprise productivity and bottom line.

The Digi white paper, Cutting Through the Noise, presents an overview of the manifold new opportunities for leveraging machine data across the organization.

You'll learn how IoT offers operational visibility into remote equipment and assets, delivering data that previously required on-site observation. You'll see how to control costs by tracking power consumption at facilities and sites, and better quantify items rolling off the assembly line for optimal scheduling and resource planning.

You will also discover the advantages of using IoT connectivity to directly link demand and supply chains. Vending machines, for instance, can communicate which items are selling and when to restock them. This capability alone provides greater marketing intelligence, higher productivity and efficiencies, as well as more satisfied customers.

Cutting Through the Noise introduces forward-looking organizations to the evolving IoT and how new solutions can create actionable intelligence, unprecedented proficiency, and competitive advantages.

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