3 Reasons Wireless Is a Great Solution for Demanding Conditions

Digi International
February 10, 2017
The following is an excerpt from our solution brief, Purpose-Built for Industrial Applications. Industrial ecosystems can be unpredictable and are often built in challenging locations. Digi's wireless solutions help keep industrial applications connected and communicating in the most demanding conditions.

Creating a connected industrial ecosystem requires the installation of a communication infrastructure to accommodate the delivery of data to and from all your facilities and remote assets. Digi communication solutions help you expand remote monitoring into areas that are difficult to access, where power is not available, and even to locations that are outside of your normal network range.

1. Safe and steady wireless communication

Wireless connectivity and cloud-based data storage solutions are making industrial process control systems more productive, more responsive and safer. And it all depends on communication: machines talking to each other, and to users, through wireless communication networks. Digi International provides industrial-grade routers and gateways for secure and reliable network communications. Connectivity is easy with boxed solutions from Digi that are ready-made for diverse environments, from automation and low power to no power, and with or without cellular coverage.

2. Rugged and safety-minded

Inside and out, Digi products are made to withstand the harsh realities of process industries, including temperature extremes, wet/damp conditions and exposure to caustic chemicals and off-gassing. Features like ruggedized enclosures and DIN rail mounting mean you can install our devices anywhere in minutes, and then trust they will provide years of dependable data communication. Bottom line: your employees will spend less time installing, maintaining and reading devices in dangerous or remote areas.


3. Fortified against security threats

Digi LTE routers support advanced VPN, firewall, encryption and authentication tools to ensure the highest cyber security protection standards. In addition to individual software elements, Digi Remote Manager® provides a centralized, scalable tool for ensuring security across the entire network of remote devices. Additionally, Digi TrustFence® is built into Digi cellular devices, providing multi-layer security with critical features such as secure connections, authenticated boot, encrypted data storage, access-controlled ports, secure software updates, and seamless integration of the dedicated on-module Secure Element (SE).

Physical device security is also a critical concern. Digi products include a range of physical security features that help deter hands-on tampering and can alert your team to security breaches. Security features may include SIM covers, specialized screws and lockable enclosures.

Selecting the right cellular solution for your application may be a daunting prospect, but Digi experts are here to help. Contact us for inquiries about the right industrial solution to meet your needs.
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