Building for What’s Next: AWS re:Invent Andy Jassy Keynote Recap

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November 29, 2017

It was Day 3 at AWS re:Invent 2017, and the morning’s keynote from AWS CEO Andy Jassy had us fired up! Joining Andy on stage were an impressive array of AWS customers:

Expedia, Goldman Sachs, and the NFL, all of whom made a compelling case for building on AWS. With one example after another, what got us most excited was the number of customers adopting AWS services and accelerating the pace of change. With what seemed like dozens of new AWS services, Andy made a convincing case that the time to start building is now.

Andy revealed an array of new services on AWS covering everything from containers to streaming video.  But the wrap up of his keynote focused on the newest frontier for the AWS cloud – the Internet of Things (IoT).  Andy noted that getting data from the edge to the cloud is still a challenge for most “builders” working in the IoT. 

The AWS IoT team has thus focused on making connecting the edge and extending their intelligence to the edge an area of focus. For example, Andy introduced Amazon SageMaker for machine learning, and three new natural language services called Transcribe, Translate and Comprehend.

One of the most interesting to us at Digi is AWS Greengrass ML Inference which is a new service that leverages SageMaker to make predictions at the edge of the network reducing latency. These new technologies will allow Digi to tighten our technology partnership with AWS by embedding additional services into our line of edge devices and thereby enabling customers in any application to capture the value leveraging both the edge and the cloud.


As an AWS IOT Competency partner, Digi is excited to build upon Greengrass and these new AWS services to help our customers build more intelligence at the edge.

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