From Digi XBee Project to Life-Changing Robotic Limb Products

Digi International
August 29, 2017
. Using 3-D printing and Digi XBees, Easton created what the market so desperately needed, a prosthetic that sold for less than $400, robotic nonetheless.

Easton not only taught himself but found the most useful tools to progress his mission. He used tools and how to resources he found in online communities to set himself free from limitations that often hold others back.

, focuses on making life-changing robotic limbs available and affordable for those who need it most.

It all started when he met a little girl with a prosthetic arm. He found out that her parents had to pay $80,000 for it and not the smart kind that Easton could then see was possible. Take a look at how far he's come today:



You can also learn more about how to get started with Digi’s XBee product line here. >>