Security in the IoT: Digi XBee Cellular Featuring Digi TrustFence

Digi International
May 18, 2017

Security for Connected Devices

Embedded security is a critical requirement for a growing number of connected IoT applications and devices. Evolving technology and network connectivity expose device manufacturers to significant new security risks and engineering challenges. Digi TrustFence™ provides a tested and fully integrated security framework designed for the long product life of embedded devices.

Digi TrustFence is a security framework for IoT systems. Built into that framework are a series of critical features that enable top-to-bottom security assurance; features like secure connections, authenticated boot, secure physical ports, and more. Digi XBee Cellular implements key elements of the Digi TrustFence framework, including:

  • Secure Boot - Ensures only signed software images can run on a device
  • Encrypted Storage - Security keys are protected by an on-board security chip
  • Protected JTAG - Programming interface locked to prevent tampering
  • Secure Connections - SSL/TLS v1.2 encryption for secure data transmissions
  • Life-cycle Longevity - Digi-maintains a future-proof platform architecture

Security threats to embedded devices in IoT solutions are increasingly common, as attacks become more sophisticated. They can include confidentiality breaches, service theft, data integrity, and reduced service availability. IoT systems have unique security requirements and challenges, mostly due to resource limitations. Build secure, connected products with Digi XBee Cellular embedded modems to capitalize on the out-of-the-box, integrated security provided by Digi TrustFence. The result: you protect your brand’s reputation and focus on delivering cellular-connected products without the worrying, risk and hassle of implementing custom security.

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