Coping in Corporate During COVID-19: The View from Digi

Ron Konezny Ron Konezny, President and CEO, Digi International
April 08, 2020
In this unprecedented time, organizations worldwide are navigating through a very uncertain environment. There is no “business as usual.” The new normal is accelerated change and uncertainty. Yet, in a positive way, we are all in this together. The world will continue. After the worst fallout of the pandemic is past, our global society will learn an enormous amount about how deeply we are integrated. We will learn from one another. We share the Digi story in hopes of both informing and learning from others.


Our Developing COVID-19 Story

With offices in China, Digi was able to take early and quick action when it was clear our business would be affected by COVID-19. Our first priority was the safety of our employees. As each region experienced increased risk, we required our team to work from home, unless it was essential for them to be in an office. Our IT teams worked tirelessly to ensure every employee had the tools and connectivity needed to securely connect, collaborate and be productive. For employees required to be in an office, we took measures to create workplace safety and prevent infection, with social distancing restrictions, A and B teams, staggered breaks, protective gear, and strong sanitation practices.
Our customers, partners and suppliers are a tremendous priority. We worked closely with our supply chain partners to secure our key suppliers and manufacturing facilities and ensure practices were in place to minimize disruption.  Our teams stepped up in every imaginable way to assist in keeping our business running smoothly.  And as the situation continues to evolve we are keeping close tabs on the ability of our key vendors and suppliers to maintain their own operations.  
We have shared our solutions to help our customers and partners keep their own remote workforce securely connected to their organizations. Our remote worker and SmartSense by Digi offerings bring some of the best of technology to bear on real challenges presented by larger numbers of staff entering “stay at home” directives and support healthcare operations to deliver drive-through testing stations.
We are so proud of our employees’ compliance with the directives put in place to keep them safe. To date, we have been able to meet our customer commitments while maintaining employee safety.
Digi serves a broad range of medical, government, industrial and commercial enterprises with critical connectivity solutions, including food supply, healthcare, water/wastewater management and utilities organizations, municipal transportation, traffic management and emergency response. For these reasons, we qualify as an “essential business” under U.S. Federal government listings. We have worked closely with our supply chain partners to ensure their understanding of our status, and better understand their policies to keep their employees and businesses safe, healthy, and operational. For more information, please see our coronavirus page.

Business Continuity: What It Means for Digi and Our Customers

“Business continuity” can mean several things, from ensuring that there is no single point of failure for a business, to having a plan for remote workers to prevent business downtime through redundancy measures – such as backup connectivity (failover), secure out-of-band management and disaster recovery through off-site data storage. Digi supports all of these initiatives.
Like all businesses, we have felt the strains of COVID-19, but we have continued to work every day through the crisis. In addition to working hard to maintain our own business continuity with strong security and data integrity, we provide the supporting products and services to our customers to ensure they can continue doing business and provide reliable and secure connectivity to their employees.
We are currently building out a series of educational resources, from blog posts to web content to webinars, to help our customers and partners understand all of the options available to them. We hope you will reach out to us if we can be of service in that regard.

Final Thoughts

This may be the most difficult global crisis many of us will encounter in our lifetimes. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and in particular to those who have suffered losses. We will do everything to help stop the spread of the virus and restore economic and social vitality. We hope the lessons learned will serve us all, in knowledge and preparedness.
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