Digi Celebrates the Achievements of Our Channel Distributors

Digi recently announced the annual award winners of our global channel awards, based on performance metrics from 2023. You can see the press release here. We'd like to take this opportunity to further showcase and congratulate these exceptional distributors for their conscientious work and their dedication to serving customers across the globe with dedication, technical acumen and excellent customer support.

As Digi President and CEO Ron Konezny said in the press release, "These companies have demonstrated exceptional performance and dedication while delivering significant value to our customers worldwide. Their innovative solutions and commitment to excellence are helping to shape the future of our industry. As we look ahead, we are confident that, together, we will continue to break new ground, create transformative solutions, and deliver even greater value to our end users."

TD Synnex team

The TD Synnex team, winner of the North America Growth Partner of the Year award

Why Quality Distributors Are Key to Our Success

Vesco SolutionsOur distribution channel is pivotal in growing our market presence, acting as our outreach and our intermediaries between our internal teams and our customers, and ensuring that our solutions reach end users efficiently. By maintaining a high standard of quality, these organizations help in evangelizing the integrity and value of our brand.

By definition, a strong distributor physically has more “feet on the street” so their reach offers the possibility to address a much wider customer base, and positioning Digi International alongside adjacenct technologies like displays or sensors means their key-value add with regard to demand creation is presenting ready-baked solutions to customers.

Their reliability in delivering products on time and in optimal condition builds trust with customers, reinforcing our commitment to excellence. This trust translates into customer loyalty, which is essential for sustaining our long-term business growth.

Stocking and logistics are a huge value-added service to customers, and holding the right amount of inventory can “buffer” customers against any elasticity in lead-times e.g. during periods of component shortage. Additionally, holding “enablers” such as development kits or sample quantities on new products ensures that customers can quickly get to work on designing proof-of-concepts or pre-production runs.

Distributors that contribute to our mutual success in this way create exceptional value and trust, which are key to growth. 

Tokyo Electron Device Ltd.Additionally, the excellent customer service provided by our distributors is crucial for customer satisfaction and retention. By working with the absolute best, most reputable distributors in the industry, we know customers are in good hands. 

Distributors often serve as the first point of contact, addressing customer inquiries, concerns, and feedback. By fully understanding Digi's solutions, they can provide knowledgeable and responsive support and enhance the overall customer experience. This leads to excellent customer retention, word-of-mouth referrals, and a positive experience with the Digi brand.

And finally, high-quality distributors and channel partners play a strategic role in identifying and capitalizing on new market opportunities in regions across the globe. They possess in-depth knowledge of their local markets and customer preferences, which can inform the company's marketing and sales strategies. And the strength of their line-card in presenting solutions mean they are ideally suited to helping Digi International further penetrate growth vertical markets more effectively.

Steliau Technology teamBy leveraging their insights and networks, these partners help Digi penetrate new segments and geographical areas. They also contribute to our competitive advantage by adapting to market changes swiftly and effectively.

In other words, "rising waters raise all ships". When our distributors shine, we all win — especially our customers. For these reasons, we value the incredible contributions of our distribution channel, and are proud to honor our award winners!

Pictured above: Team members from Vesco Solutions (LatAm Demand Creation Partner of the Year), Tokyo Electron Device (Japan Revenue Growth Partner of the Year), and Steliau Technology (EMEA Growth Partner of the Year).

Meet Our Channel Award Winners

Wamtech team

The WAMtech team, winner of the LatAm Revenue Growth Partner of the Year award.

The 2023 Digi Global Channel Awards were presented to the following recipients.

Infrastructure Management 2023 annual award category:

Cellular 2023 annual award category:

OEM 2023 annual award category:

2023 annual awards — supporting all product categories:

Congratulations to all of our 2023 winners!

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