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November 19, 2020

The November release of Digi Remote Manager® has arrived! This latest release greatly enhances the user experience of data streams by introducing this functionality in the new UI, enhancements focused on subaccount management, and many other usability enhancements.

As always, we value your feedback. Use the in-app Feedback feature to share your suggestions and comments directly with us. You can find this feature in the user menu in the upper right of the page and select “Feedback.”

Here are just a few of the updates and highlights.

Shopping Cart

Visit Our New Online Store at! 

We have established a new shopping cart to help improve ease-of-use for account managers.

If you are an existing customer purchasing directly from Digi and you are the billing administrator or account owner of your Digi RM account, use our new online store to manage your license subscriptions.

Create an account on the portal using the email address associated with your Digi RM account and you’re in!

New Features in the November 2020 Release of Digi RM

Here are some of the latest enhancements we have rolled out with the November 2020 release.

Data Stream Updates

Data streams are critical for insights, and many of our customers rely on this feature of Digi Remote Manager for crucial business processes. For this reason, we are constantly enhancing the functionality of data streams.

  • Within the data streams page, you can view a list of all your data streams as well as create, edit, and delete them. Select a data stream from your list and view a chart of that data streams data points based on several options and using several pre-defined time periods, or simply view the raw data associated with a data stream.
  • Digi Remote Manager data streams store and access time-series data. Virtually any type of data can be stored and create real-time charts to visualize and monitor the data streams. Data streams are fully searchable, and the data can also be rolled up into time interval summaries.
  • Data streams are primarily intended for numeric data and typically hold data points for a specific attribute on a device, such as the temperature from a specific thermostat. However, data streams can be used for virtually any type of data. Smart Energy attribute data and DIA channel data can be configured to automatically store their data via the time series data feature. Additionally, any data previously accessible via the DIA or XBee APIs is automatically replicated and available for historical query via the Data Streams API.

New Feature: SM/UDP Support

Now you can choose SM/UDP commands from the UI to queue messages to be delivered to devices when sending up a UDP message to Remote Manager.

Feature Enhancements: Subaccount Management

We have added the following enhancements to subaccount management in this release.

  • Device registration management:  With this new feature a parent account admin can manage how many devices a subaccount can register or activate.  
  • Customers with subaccounts can now see a full list inventory of devices including parent and subaccounts and manage them from the primary parent account, or scope to any individual account.

Subaccount menus

Highlight Feature: Notification Center

We're pleaseed to announce some great changes to the Notification Center, including the following capabilities:

  • You can receive notifications and messages for new firmware updates, upcoming releases, and more. Messages can be received both in-app and via email.
  • If you don’t log into Digi Remote Manager very often, you can subscribe to receive daily emails with unread notifications. Notifications included in daily emails will be considered read when the email is sent.

Digi Remote Manager notifications

New: How-to Videos

As we continue to develop more great features in Remote Manager, we recognize the need to keep you up to date with how to use these features.

We have started developing short training videos, which can be found on our YouTube channel as well as on our Website. These videos will highlight new functionality coming up and provide brief tutorials on the existing features in Digi Remote Manager.

These short videos are designed to get you up and running quickly with the various features of Digi Remote Manager. Watch and enjoy. 

Four Things to Know Before You Go

  1. Looking for ways to more securely manage your IoT network? Read our whitepaper.
  2. Watch the Digi Remote Manager Tour video to learn how to quickly navigate Digi Remote Manager.
  3. Sign up for notifications and get status on the platform and scheduled maintenance here:
  4. Read the latest release notes for Digi Remote Manager to learn what's new.
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