Digi International Provides Centralized IoT Device Management with Digi Remote Manager

Digi’s IoT Software Includes Device Control and Configuration, Performance Monitoring, Security and More in an Easy-to-Use, Comprehensive Package

HOPKINS, Minn., March 5, 2019 – Digi International®, (NASDAQ: DGII, www.digi.com), a leading global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services, has answered the call for advanced IoT management with Digi Remote Manager® (DRM), a secure platform to monitor and control distributed IoT devices. DRM provides network operators, engineers and administrators all the capabilities necessary to monitor, upgrade and control connected hardware for IoT solutions running on LTE cellular networks, while also providing the freedom and flexibility to integrate with additional network management and productivity tools.

DRM recently added a comprehensive set of connectivity tools, networking features, analytics and edge computing capabilities, which allows IoT solutions managers to quickly and easily determine the operating status and location of all their remote digital assets. It also provides compelling value in the form of secure IoT networking for enterprise network managers and service providers who need to incorporate security and networking best practices into a single IoT management solution.

DRM standard features include:

  • In-band and out-of-band command and control of managed devices
  • Over the Air (OTA) updates of firmware, configurations and edge computing software for managed devices
  • Visibility and control over edge network devices (ZigBee and other RF devices)
  • Bi-directional access and control of devices and edge compute application logic
  • Automated software and configuration assignment during device installation
  • Periodic scanning, alerting and remediation of devices that fail compliance checks
  • Advanced enterprise routing + carrier, WAN and LAN analytics
  • Advanced VPN and tunneling + remote LAN device management
  • Edge computing capability utilizing Python

In addition to these standard features, DRM includes Application Connectors that allow users to easily connect devices to their cloud platforms of choice for quicker implementation and more choice. With preconfigured APIs, users can quickly and easily access, connect and analyze data collected from their edge devices to improve business processes, accelerate decision-making, and react to an ever-changing business environment.

Digi International plans to unveil more Application Connectors in the coming months, providing a high degree of flexibility and allowing users to integrate with the specific tools needed for their business without being forced to adopt limiting proprietary solutions.

The DRM Mobile app brings further functionality to the offering. In addition to on-the-go, hand-held monitoring, users can register a device using a QR Code with the app including the MAC Address or Device ID as well as an install code or default password. Once a device is registered into a customer account, custom configurations can be automatically downloaded using the profile management feature, further simplifying deployment and configuration.

“The Internet of Things is about so much more than device connectivity, but without it there can be no IoT,” said Scott Nelson, Chief Product Officer, Digi International. “With DRM, we’re able to help customers ensure that their devices are not only online and connected securely, but that they are operating efficiently. No matter where in the world a device may be located or what analytics platform an end user selects, DRM supplies key data that ultimately improves business efficiency.”

For more information about this IoT platform, visit https://www.digi.com/pr/digi-remote-manager

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