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Digi XBIB-C Development Boards


Development circuit boards for rapid proof-of-concept application development

  • USB Direct Mode (XBee® 3 Cellular)
  • Current monitoring header
  • Temperature/humidity sensor
  • Grove connector for third-party sensors
  • Programmable user buttons
  • Expansion header for accessories (e.g. GPS Daughter Board)
  • USB-C or battery power
  • Variants available for all Digi XBee form-factors (surface-mount, through-hole, micro-mount)

Evaluating the features and capabilities of a wireless module can be challenging. Most wireless modules have a diverse set of features, and therefore most development boards are not equipped to properly demonstrate a wireless module's complete functionality. With the new Digi XBIB-C Development boards, you can easily evaluate all features of a Digi XBee® module. The development boards are available in surface-mount, through-hole and micro-mount form factors.

For use with cellular modules only, the boards feature a USB-direct port, allowing developers to interact directly with the cellular modem. The boards also feature a temperature and humidity sensor that easily demonstrates how Digi XBee modules can interface with an I2C protocol using MicroPython.

For battery-powered applications, the boards have current monitor headers which allow a developer to quickly assess a module's battery consumption. By simply connecting volt meter over the pins, a calculation can be made to determine how much current the module draws, allowing the developer to determine battery properties for the specific application.

Additionally, the boards include other breakout features. For example, the boards have a female grove connector. The grove connector allows the board to interface with any grove product for easy of development and proof-of-concept. In addition to the grove connector, the boards also have a 40-pin header which allows for the creation of any board interfacing to a Digi XBee module.

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