Digi XBee XR 868 Development Kit with Digi XBee XR 868 MHz MMT, RF Pad antenna connection and development board

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Digi XBee XR 868 Development Kit

Complete Digi XBee XR 868 development platform operates in the 863-870 MHz range, delivering superior performance and interference immunity at 868 MHz

The Digi XBee® XR 868 Development Kit features the Digi XBee 868 RF MHz module with RF pad antenna and a Digi XBee development board. The module is a compact and reliable solution supporting deployment of long-range connectivity applications in the European region. The pre-certified module operates between 863 and 870 MHz in compliance with European standards. The module supports both point-to-point and mesh networking protocols, with a line-of-sight range of over 14 kilometers. It is well suited for agriculture and energy applications where long-distance communication is required.

Intelligent interference management

Digi XBee XR 868 also leverages 868 MHz and surrounding frequencies for LBT + AFA (Listen Before Talk and Adaptive Frequency Agility). This significantly reduces interference by listening to the radio environment before any transmission starts, and automatically shifting to a new channel when interference is detected. This patented frequency scan occurs automatically and in a matter of microseconds so as not to impact performance.

Accelerate development with Digi XCTU

The Digi XBee XR 868 RF module is a complete hardware and software solution that works directly out of the box. Digi XCTU®, Digi’s easy-to-use RF configuration tool, reduces development time from months to weeks, ensuring your product gets to market fast.

Proven experience and expert support

With over twenty years of experience enabling millions of globally connected products, Digi is a trusted embedded and IoT solutions provider, simplifying the way customers design, build and deploy connected applications. Digi also offers cellular integration support, certification assistance, and custom design and build services to get your products to market smarter and faster. Digi Wireless Design Services (WDS) offers additional services to support you wherever you are along your development path.

Key features, benefits and applications
  • Low-power CE/RED certified 868 MHz RF module based on Silicon Labs EFR32 microcontroller
  • Design includes SAW filter for optimal performance in noisy RF environments
  • Listen-Before-Talk and Frequency Agility for optimal interference immunity
  • DigiMesh® networking topology for redundancy and reliability
  • Simple configuration using Digi XCTU accelerates time to market
  • Turnkey development and custom gateway engineering services available from Digi WDS
The kit includes:
  • Digi XBee XR 868 MHz RF module
  • Digi XBee development board
  • Digi XCTU and Digi XBee Tools
  • Free schematic review from Digi WDS*
  • Additional documentation and example

Digi XBee XR 868 Development Kit with Digi XBee XR 868 MHz MMT, RF Pad antenna connection and development board

  • Processor: EFR32FG13P231F512 transceiver at 40 MHz
  • Frequency band: 863 MHz to 870 MHz
  • Weight: 1.2 grams (0.042 oz) for MMT
  • Features:
    • I/O: 13 digital I/O
    • Analog inputs: 4 channels 10-bit
    • Operating temperature: −40 °C to 85 °C (−40 °F to 185 °F)
    • Networking topologies: DigiMesh®, repeater
    • Security: 128-bit AES encryption
  • Performance:
    • RF data rate: 10 kbps or 80 kbps, software selectable
    • UART data rate: up to 921.6 kbps
    • SPI data rate: up to 5 Mbps
    • Line-of-sight range**: up to 14.5 km with 2.1 dBi antenna
    • Transmit power: up to 13 dBm ERP
    • Receiver sensitivity: -107 dBm at 80 Kbps, -112 dBm at 10 Kbps
  • Power:
    • Supply voltage: 1.8 - 3.6 VDC
    • Transmit current: 76 mA
    • Receive current: 26 mA
    • Sleep current: 185 uA
*Level 1 review
**Range figure estimates are based on free-air terrain with limited sources of interference. Actual range will vary based on transmitting power, orientation of transmitter and receiver, height of transmitting antenna, height of receiving antenna, weather conditions, interference sources in the area, and terrain between receiver and transmitter, including indoor and outdoor structures such as walls, trees, buildings, hills, and mountains.


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