Digi XBee 3 Global LTE Cat 1 Development Kit

The Digi XBee 3 Global LTE Cat 1 Development Kit provides OEMs with a simple, quick way to integrate cellular connectivity into their devices

Digi XBee® 3 Global LTE Cat 1 embedded smart modems bring together the power and flexibility of the Digi XBee Ecosystem with the latest in LTE cellular technology. OEMs can quickly integrate cutting-edge LTE cellular into their devices and applications, eliminating the time-consuming and expensive FCC and carrier end-device certification process.

Starting with simple examples, we provide step-by-step guidance as you assemble the Digi XBee 3 Global LTE Cat 1 Development Kit components to create reliable, low-power cellular communication connectivity for OEM devices like sensors and monitoring systems using Digi XBee 3 Global LTE Cat 1 embedded modems.

Each kit includes three months of cellular data service, pre-activated and ready to go, so your team can focus on your primary goal: prototyping and developing products.

This kit is designed for anyone interested in getting started in the world of embedded cellular. Hardware and software engineers, corporate technologists, or educators and students can quickly learn more about cellular integration using the hands-on examples included in the kit.

With the full suite of standard Digi XBee API frames and AT commands, MicroPython and Digi XCTU®, Digi XBee customers can seamlessly transition to this embedded modem with only minor software adjustments. OEMs can future-proof your designs by adding Digi XBee 3 Global LTE Cat 1.

Ideal for any OEM business following an agile roadmap, Digi XBee 3 Global LTE Cat 1 provides the flexibility to switch between wireless protocols or migrate to LTE M or NB-IoT. Digi Remote Manager® allows you to configure, deploy and manage devices from a central platform.

Your kit includes:
  • Digi XBee 3 Global LTE Cat 1 embedded modem
  • Digi XBee 3 Development Board
  • SIM card for LTE Cat 1 cellular service out of the box
  • 3 months of free cellular service*
  • Free schematic review by Digi WDS**
  • Antennas and power cable
*Service is limited to ~5 MB/month and limited SMS. For testing purposes only; not for production.
**Level 1 review


Digi XBee 3 Global LTE Cat 1, 3G/2G, GNSS
  • Hardware
    • Cellular Chipset: Thales PLS63-W
    • Form factor (connector footprint): Digi XBee® 20-pin through-hole
    • Antenna options: 2 U.FL: cellular diversity, 1 U.FL: GNSS; embedded Bluetooth® antenna
    • Dimensions: 30.48 mm x 43.18 mm (1.2 in x 1.7 in)
    • Operating temperature: -40 ºC to 80 ºC (-40 ºF to 176 ºF)
    • SIM size: 4FF Nano
  • Interface and I/O
    • Data interface: UART, SPI, USB
    • Operating modes: Transparent and API over serial, PPP over USB
    • Security: Digi TrustFence® security with secure boot and protected JTAG
    • Configuration tools: Digi XCTU® (local), Digi Remote Manager® (OTA)
    • Embedded programmability: MicroPython with 8 MB flash / 64 kB RAM
    • I/O: 4 ADC lines (10-bit), 13 digital I/O, I2C
    • Bluetooth: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Cellular characteristics
    • Transmit power (4G LTE/3G/2G): 23 dBm / 23.5 dBm / 30-33 dBm
    • Receive sensitivity (4G LTE/3G/2G): 103 dBm / 110 dBm / 108 dBm
    • Supported bands: Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28, 66; TDD: 38, 40, 41
    • Downlink / uplink speeds: 10 Mbps downlink, 5 Mbps uplink (USB); 921 kbps downlink and uplink (UART)
    • Duplex mode: Full-duplex
  • Power requirements (at 3.3 VDC input power)
    • Supply voltage: 2.8 to 5.5 V
    • Peak transmit current: 1050 mA with Bluetooth disabled; 1090 mA with Bluetooth enabled
    • Avg transmit current: 890 mA
    • Avg receive current: 320 mA
  • Regulatory and carrier approvals
    • FCC (USA): MCQ-XB3C2 and QIPPLS63-W
    • ISED (Canada): 1846A-XB3C2 and 7830A-PLS63W
    • CE / RED (Europe): Complete
    • RCM (Australia / New Zealand): Pending
    • ANATEL (Brazil): Complete
    • UKCA (United Kingdom): Complete
    • PTCRB, AT&T and Verizon: Complete
  • Warranty
    • 1-year
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