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Using Programmable XBee in DIO In this post, we are going to change the XBee module included in the XBee Digital I/O Adapter (DIO) for a... VIEW PROJECT Connecting a Capacitive Touch Keypad to the Programmable XBee In this post we are going to show you how to connect a capacitive touch keypad to your Programmable XBee module. VIEW PROJECT Graphic Display Connected to the Programmable Digi XBee In this post we will show how to control a Graphic LCD display using a Programmable Digi XBee module from Digi... VIEW PROJECT Connect a Character LCD to a Programmable Digi XBee In this example, we will look at how to use the Programmable XBee module to control a character LCD. This example... VIEW PROJECT S2B Programmable Digi XBee Adaptor Board If you are using a Programmable XBee kit for S2B XBee module, the way to create a prototype is to use an intermediate... VIEW PROJECT See the Light: New Digi XBee Example This post shows the light example connected to the panel meter example. VIEW PROJECT New Digi XBee Example: Make Money with a Coin Acceptor Earn some income using this latest XBee Example that shows how to easily connect an XBee radio to one of Adafruit's... VIEW PROJECT Digi XBee Example for Feeling the Force How to create a wireless force sensor VIEW PROJECT Digi XBee Examples Site We're going to demonstrate XBee hookups for different sensors, lights, motors, scent emitters, then show how they can... VIEW PROJECT Digi XBee Tech Tip: How to Conduct a Digi XBee Range Test Have you ever wanted to test the strength of connections in your XBee network? Within the Digi XBee configuration... VIEW PROJECT Hands-on MicroPython Examples for Edge Computing: Part 1 By running simple Python-based scripts on Digi XBee3, you can save money, extend battery life, improve responsiveness... VIEW PROJECT Light Sensor Example: XBee Zigbee Cloud Kit In this example you will learn to use a photocell light sensor with the XBee Zigbee Gateway to sense and take action... VIEW PROJECT
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