Omniwheel Robot

Catalina Computing took an omniwheeled robot project featured in Make Magazine and replaced its radios with XBees. What resulted is a bot which is controllable from Raspberry Pis, Beagle Bones, Macs, with the ability to easily add an almost unlimited amount of sensors and actuators.

The bot is largely inspired from the previously mentioned Make Magazine. It includes 3 omniwheels with motors, a battery pack, and it’s controlled by an Arduino.

Rather than using the Nanode, they chose to go with a standard Arduino controller, since it can be programmed without an adapter and there is more documentation available. XBee is used for the wireless link. XBees enable control of the robot from a Mac, Raspberry Pi, or any other *nix based computer.


Click here to learn more about the project and how to build your own in their official write-up.