XIG Stock Tracker

By Digi’s own Dave Olson

This XIG Stock Tracker or a “stock fortune teller” wirelessly provides real-time updates of the DIGI, or any, stock status using the XBee Internet Gateway for windows. Stock updates as soon as they happen– talk about a great office ornament.
Dave used an Arduino UNO, an Arduino XBee Shield, an XBeeXStick and a USB Serial Programming Board. He then set the AT commands for the XBee and XStick to sync them. If you’re creating your own, you can use this reference for the proper XBee settings.

Next, he downloaded and ran the XIG code for windows, located here. He selected the COM port that the XStick was plugged into. He plugged the XBee into the XBee shield and plug the shield into the Arduino UNO and connected the UNO to his computer with a USB serial chord. The Arduino code reads in and parses the DGII NASDAQ website. If the DGII stock is up pin 13 (green LED) is turned on. If the DGII stock is down pin 12 (red LED) is turned on. Green and red LEDs are connected to pins 13 and 12, respectfully. Dave finished the project by using a 9V battery and an enclosure that can be hung on the wall. Now it’s a real-time, wireless view of the Digi stock price status without any direct internet access.

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