Secure Your Enterprise: Why It’s Critical to Have Over-the-Air Security Access for Industrial IoT

Thursday, May 16, 2024
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Central Time

Discover the power of remote, private access to onsite connectivity hardware.

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Nate Pleasant
Nate Pleasant
Senior Product Manager
Digi International
Colin Constable
Colin Constable
Co-Founder & CTO

For always-on industries like oil & gas, manufacturing, construction, and more, managing uptime and ensuring cyber security is a constant concern. If hardware fails or if hackers attack and network specialists don’t have the ability to securely manage and defend remotely, it could lead to enormous losses.

But for the modern enterprise, it’s possible to provide completely secure access to all onsite networking hardware from anywhere in the world. That means immediate notifications for downtime or cyberattacks, plus the ability to update infrastructure right from your air-conditioned HQ office. Seems too good to be true? Networking experts from Atsign and Digi International will walk through how it’s possible for your business.

This informative, one-hour presentation will address the following:

  • The challenges faced by the industrial IoT space in today’s cyber-environment
  • Tactics that can be taken to secure corporate data
  • A live demo of the Atsign SSH No Ports solution for security paired with Digi Industrial Cellular Routers
  • And more!