Precision Agriculture

RF, ARM and cellular solutions for agriculture machinery, pivot head and other water/fuel conservation systems

Digi’s precision agriculture solutions deliver the mission critical wireless M2M communication networks tailored to the needs of industrial agriculture. Designed to streamline workflow efficiency and increase productivity through the use of wireless technology, these automated applications are indicative of the present and the future of precision agriculture. Increase productivity through real-time management with sensors and data across all of your assets wherever they are.

Gain Real-Time Diagnostics
Maximize uptime and minimize the overall lifecycle cost of high-value assets through real-time collection and monitoring of equipment data.

Optimize Safety & Security
Monitor asset location and utilization worldwide.

Lower Operational Costs
Increase your telematics penetration through a low-cost solution that installs in minutes.

Accelerate Time To Market
Bring new solutions to market faster at low cost, increasing market penetration.

RF, ARM and cellular solutions for agriculture machinery, pivot head and other water/fuel conservation systems
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