9XStream vs. 9XCite

What are the differences between the 9XStream and the 9XCite modules?

Here is a brief table highlighting the differences:

  9XCite 9XStream
Output power 1mW 100mW
Input voltage 2.85 to 5.5VDC variable 5VDC regulated
Current consumption 50/35 mA (TX/RX) 150/50 mA (TX/RX)
Data throughput rates 9600 or 38400 9600 or 19200
LOS range 0.2 to 2 miles 7 to 10 miles
Non-LOS range 300 ft 1200 ft
Antenna options Wire, RPSMA Wire, RPSMA, MMCX
Reliable Delivery (ATRR) None Yes
Frequency usage Hopping or Single channel Hopping
Agency approvals USA , Canada USA , Canada , Australia
Updateable firmware Yes Yes
Interference rejection Yes Yes
ESD resistance Yes Yes

In addition to the differences highlighted above: the 9XCite has fewer command and parameter options than the XStream product family. Specifically:

  • Reliable delivery protocols are not supported on the 9XCite, including the ATRR and ATRN commands. RR must be turned OFF on an XStream in order to communicate with a 9XCite.
  • Binary command mode is not available in the 9XCite.
  • 9XCite supports a subset of the AT commands: DT, HP, MK, CS and CD. Other parameters are configurable through PC software only.
Last updated: Aug 08, 2017

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