Adding an SD card to the RCM6700

You could use:

microSD | RCM6700
PB0 ---------- SCK
DI ----------- PC4
DO ---------- PC5
CS ---------- PE6

We recommend that our customers should use RCM_43XX_BIOS.LIB's SPI and SD-related definitions and mutex definitions and code as a guide for setting up the necessary SPI settings and SD card connections using shared serial port B via the "usual" Rx/Tx on parallel port C. Our customers should also consider adding I/O connections to support the SD card's card detect and write protect features and perhaps also power and LED connections similar to what is done on the RCM4300. Of course, the I/O choices must make sense for the RCM6700 as opposed to the RCM4300.

Our customers will probably also want FAT file system support for the custom SD card. In FAT_CONFIG.LIB, the RCM6700 entries and definitions should be modified, once again following the RCM4300's example for the SD card. It is also possible, but more complicated, to set up the SD card as a secondary FAT device while leaving the on-core serial flash as the primary FAT device. The best example for this dual-device FAT file system support is actually in Dynamic C 9.62, where that version's FAT_CONFIG.LIB's RCM3900 conditional section demonstrates how to set up two different FAT interface drivers with two different devices, the second device being an SD card.

Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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