Why am I getting “Writing chunk...[Error]:” when I try to update Yocto rootfs image on to CC6 SBC
The problem is that CC6 SBC partition size is smaller than the rootfs image you are trying to fit in to it.Please resize partition from u-boot and then try again.For more details look here:https://...
Sep 06, 2019
How to modify pin assignments and generate device tree files based on CC6UL or CC8X
Please use smart IOmux tool to configure and generate the device tree files. Download IOmux  tool from the below link.ftp://ftp1.digi.com/support/smartiomux/index.html   IOmux  to...
Sep 05, 2019
How to get the Android source code for ConnectCore 6
Customers can get the android sources by filling the form at the below link, once submit the form, A Digi representative will contact you to provide instructions on downloading the Digi Embedded fo...
Sep 05, 2019
CC9p9215 and CME9210 1280K image limit
The Connectcore9P9215 and ConnectME9210 were recently shipped with revised firmware.  This new firmware had an issue that limited the upload image (image.bin) size to 1280KB.  On most ap...
Sep 03, 2019
SACK Vulnerability Patch Status
SACK Vulnerability Patch Status for affected Digi products   Product Family/ProductVersion fix is included inEstimated Release DateCellularDigi IX1419.8Aug, 2019Digi EX1519.8Aug, 2019Digi LR...
Jul 16, 2019
XBee Cellular with Digi Remote Manager firmware upgrades
How do you perform a firmware upgrade via an RCI request on an XBee Cellular module?First, it should be noted that not all firmware updates will be possible or recommended via the Digi Remote Manag...
Jan 24, 2018
XBee Cellular Antennas
For optimal performance with the XBee Cellular module, the antennas should be placed perpendicular to each other and not touching. For parallel placement, Digi recommends to have the antennas ...
Oct 10, 2017
How to use UART in RS-485 mode
Digi Embedded Yocto 2.2-r2 for ConnectCore 6 and ConnectCore 6UL includes the NXP drivers for RS-485. They have not been tested by Digi on CC6UL.You can try them on CC6UL following the CC6 instruct...
Oct 09, 2017
removing busybox-httpd to install other web server
When installing another web server you might run into problems, because by default the busybox-httpd is already started and port 80 is in use.You might try to patch busybox to disable the httpd app...
Oct 06, 2017
How to use GPIOs on CC6UL and CC6
GPIOs can be accessed from Linux user space through the sysfs interface, example:echo 4 >/sys/class/gpio/export echo out >/sys/class/gpio/gpio4/direction ech...
Oct 04, 2017
Serial to Ethernet or WiFi bridge with Linux socat
Socat allows to read/write data from a serial port and forward it through TCP/IP. With this feature you can implement serial to Ethernet or WiFi bridge on a Linux enabled embedded device.Example fo...
Sep 22, 2017
XBee Cellular module with 3rd party interface boards
Can I use a 3rd party interface board such as the Sparkfun Explorer or Adafruit's XBee Adapter with the XBee Cellular Modules?No. The 3rd party boards are not designed to provide the nearly 1A of c...
Sep 15, 2017
What is ADDP? What is link-local? Are these available for Rabbit boards?
Both ADDP and link-local are available starting with Dynamic C 10.60. See samples\tcpip\addp.c for an example using both. ADDP: Windows computers use an ADDP (Advanced Device Discovery Protocol, a ...
Jul 06, 2017
Target communication errors using Dynamic C with Windows 7
While having an issue with really slow performance on some test fixture’s FTDI USB-to-serial COM ports, we discovered that in the USB COM port’s “Advanced Settings” dialog box there is a “Latency T...
Jul 06, 2017
Setting up digital IO in Dynamic C for Rabbit 4000 boards and newer?
Note: This information is general to the Rabbit 4000 and certain pins may not be available on your product.The first thing I want to do is to point you to our Rabbit 4000 Processor Easy Reference P...
Jul 06, 2017
OpenSSL Heartbleed fix for Digi Embedded Yocto 1.4
The OpenSSL Heartbleed fix for Digi Embedded Yocto 1.4  is available in the github repositories. The instructions to fetch the Digi Embedded Yocto 1.4.1 update are as follows -For customers...
Jul 06, 2017
What are Dynamic C shadow registers and why do I need to use them?
Shadow registers exist for many of the I/O registers.They are character variables defined in the BIOS. The naming convention for shadow registers is to append the word Shadow to the name of the ...
Jul 06, 2017
Migration from OP7100 to newer Rabbit solution
Option 1: Less hardware development BL4S200 (or BL4S210 depending on the type of Ethernet and memory they require)20-101-1220 BL4S200101-1270 BL4S200 tool kithttp://www.digi.com/products/w...
Jul 06, 2017
Dynamic C Version for Product Release
Rabbit ProductDynamic C versionRFU BL1800 6.04b NA   6.53-6.57 1.0 RCM2100 7.04P 2.0 RCM2200 7.04T2 2.0 BL2000 7.04P3 ...
Jul 06, 2017
What if my Rabbit Field Utility is missing the Start Button ?
   To resolve this issue, right click on your Desktop and select personalize and then selected display. Change your display to medium. Once you set it back to the defa...
Jul 06, 2017
Adding an SD card to the RCM6700
You could use:microSD | RCM6700PB0 ---------- SCKDI ----------- PC4DO ---------- PC5CS ---------- PE6We recommend that our customers should use RCM_43XX_BIOS.LIB's SPI and SD-related definitions an...
Jul 06, 2017
Target Communications issues when using a USB programming cable with a Rabbit product and Windows 7
If you are using the USB cable, there may be an issue with the latency timer on your pc port.You might want to adjust the latency timer on the port you are using:If you are having communication...
Jul 06, 2017
How to get rid of NET+OS 7.5 different build errors on Windows 7 64-bit machine
DISCLAIMER :- Digi ESP is not officially supported on Windows 7 64-bit Host.The Solution explained here is only a workaround which may or may not work depending on your privileges on Host Machine.M...
Jul 06, 2017
Installed NET+OS 7.5.2 and all updates but getting build errors like >> multiple definition of
NET+OS 7.5.0 AWS and Email Updates The following message pops up before the AWS patch can be installed.NET+OS 7.5.0 AWS and Email Updates Please note that Package Manager does not have the ability ...
Jul 06, 2017
How to get rx_signal value of wln_status structure in dBm units on devices running NET+OS 6.3.
Wifi RSSI strength is populated in rx_signal (structure variable) of wln_status structure. In API Reference Manual, if description for rx_signal field is NOT specifying that it is dBm units, the...
Jul 06, 2017
How do I write assembly code in .C file of a NET+OS application project ?
Refer inclusion of assembly in gnu C code.Sample Code :-#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> void assembly_delay(); #define LOOP_MAX (25) int main (void) { int loopIdx = ...
Jul 06, 2017
Dynamic C Command Line RFU
Dynamic C Command Line RFU To start the Command line RFU, click on Windows “start”, then type "cmd", you will see the following screen      Enter the path of the Utiliti...
Jul 06, 2017
How to find out the date code and manufacturing location information of Digi Products.
Depending on the location the units are built effects the orientation, linked below is the date code from USA or Thailand. The date code is 4 digits, 2 digit year and 2 digit week (YYWW) so in thes...
Jul 06, 2017
How do I get a user login prompt in Digi Embedded Linux bootup on Connect & ConnectCore devices ?
DEL with kernel or above will support multiple users on target boards. ie: 5.7, 5.8, 5.9 etc.To get user login prompt in Linux boot follow the below :- Create a DigiEL-Kernel/Rootfs/U-...
Jul 06, 2017
Antennas - An Introductory Guide
This white paper is intended as a guide to understanding how antennas transmit and receive electromagnetic waves. An explanation of what electromagnetic waves are, and how they travel will be di...
Jul 06, 2017
Digi makes many serial devices, some of which are DTE (Portserver TS, Etherlite, Connect/ConnectPort, Digi One, USB-to-serial, DiN Serial adapters), and others which are DCE (TransPort, PKG RF mode...
Jul 06, 2017
What does "Galvanically isolated from Earth ground" mean?
"Galvanically isolated" is a term used to describe the relation between two different points in a circuit.It means that the ASYNC Signal Ground (SG) is isolated from earth ground, by virtue of...
Jul 06, 2017
Remote Program Update sample programs don't update firmware
Some of our Dynamic C RPU (Remote Program Update) sample programs do not update firmware without resetting the board.  This is not always possible if the board is in a remote location and you ...
Jul 06, 2017
Where can I download Dynamic C?
You can download Dynamic C at the following links:Dynamic C 9:https://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=5053&type=documentationDynamic C 10:https://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=4...
Jul 06, 2017
Can I install the Realport drivers from the command line?
INTRODUCTION Yes. From the command line, you can browse to the folder containing the Realport Driver files and type: setup /?This will display the command line options for the Realport driver.
Jul 06, 2017
Where can I find the CAD files for your embedded modules?
We normally don't provide these. Please contact Digi Technical Support with further inquiries 952 912-3456 or www.digi.com/support 
Jul 06, 2017
Wince image created with the BSP 3.5.1 sources is not able to detect the Wi-Fi adapter on the CCWi-i
Problem:The wince image created with the BSP 3.5.1 sources and installed QFE's_after April 2013 is not able to detect the Wi-Fi adapter on the CCWi-i.MX53.Upon building the wince image using the de...
Jul 06, 2017
Const keyword in Dynamic C
For a more complete summary, please reference section 4.4 of the DC User’s Manual This is a summary of the information found in section 4.4 of the DC User’s ManualSimple constantsThe const&...
Jul 06, 2017
Windows, NET+OS or Linux Embedded License or installation key missing
Customer owning a Digi Embedded ConnectCore, Digi Connect ME (9210) or ConnectCard module and asking how to get the customized firmware images, would need to have either Windows Embedded, NET+OS or...
Jul 06, 2017
2GB limit on Rabbit SD cards
You will need to run the latest version of Dynamic C 10.72 in order to use 2GB SD cards in Rabbit products.  Older versions than DC10.64 are only capable of 1GB capacity SD cards.&nb...
Jul 06, 2017
Does the antenna come with the RCM6600W kit and/or can it be purchased separately?
The antenna comes with both the Standard and Deluxe kit for the RCM6600W.  You can also purchase it separately.  It is part number 101-1295 and can be found at our online store here http:...
Jul 06, 2017
I swapped out the core module on my Single Board Computer, what do I need to do next?
When you change the core module on an SBC, you will need to re-write the IDblock. The sample can be found under "Documentation "->"General Documentation" for the version of D...
Jul 06, 2017
How can I protect my code once I transfer it to the Flash memory of a Rabbit board?
The following is from an Ask Larry article:  Let me first say to please keep in mind that the Rabbit processors do not have any internal program memory. Because of this, anyone who has physic...
Jul 06, 2017
Are there newer low power Rabbit boards than the LP3500
Digi has not made a newer Rabbit board that is designed specifically for low power consumption but it is possible to shut down various parts of the board with software functions in Dynamic C.  ...
Jul 06, 2017
installing Digi Embedded Linux with updates on a machine without internet access
Installing Digi Embedded Linux with updates on a machine without internet accessInstall the latest version of Digi Embedded Linux on a real or virtual machine with internet access first.Run package...
Jul 06, 2017
Generating SDK for Digi Embedded Yocto fails with "ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES '–c' "
customer may experience the error generating SDK using following command:bitbake dey-image-graphical –c populate_sdk   NOTE: Started PRServer with DBfile: /home/josep/Projectes/Zeus/work...
Jul 06, 2017
unable to login to module running Digi Embedded Linux via ssh or ftp
By default there is no root password set (blank password) in modules running Digi Embedded Linux. This will prevent users from being able to login to it using ssh or ftp.To correct this, please ass...
Jul 06, 2017
"Could not open serial port" error message
The error message  “could not open serial port” is not a Dynamic C error message. The error is caused by not opening the correct port that is attached to your product, or the se...
Jul 06, 2017
Where can I find Tech Note TN213 Rabbit Serial Port Software
You can find TN213 at the following link:http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/0220059_e.pdf
Jul 06, 2017
Rebuilding or upgrading version of ntp/ntpd used in Digi Embedded Linux
You can see sources for openntpd we used on DVD:DVD\toolchain\packages\openntpd-3.9p1.tar.gz You can see how we configured and built it also on DVD:DVD\toolchain\del_toolchain\packages\openntp...
Jul 06, 2017
How can I tell if a Rabbit board is RoHS compliant?
Development and Application Kits are not required to be RoHS compliantRabbit has placed a prefix of 20- in front of all finish good product part numbers to indicate RoHS compliance.
Jul 06, 2017
We are using the RCM3200 in a new design and it would be helpful if we could get a 3D model of the m
I am sorry, but we do not provide any Rabbit 3D models to customers. The only thing we provide is the schematics for the RCM3200 and that is available on our website athttps://www.digi.com/suppor...
Jul 06, 2017
Why am I getting a RST 38 error in Dynamic C?
Regarding the RST 38 error, RST 38 is not used by Dynamic C. The opcode for a RST 38 is 0xFF which is the same as an erased portion of the flash. What is probably happ...
Jul 06, 2017
I want to build the Rabbit programming cable into my system. Can you assist?
Here is the schematic for the programming cable http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/0900128_d.pdf .  The level converter inside is FTDI part number FT232RL.
Jul 06, 2017
How do I install the correct USB drivers for Dynamic C?
The easiest way to install the correct driver is to have the Rabbit board attached to your PC with the programming cable and apply power before installing Dynamic C.  This will override the de...
Jul 06, 2017
Where can I purchase the RS-232-to-USB converter cable? 20-151-0178?
The RS-232-to-USB converter cable 20-151-0178 can be purchased at the following link:http://store.digi.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&Product_ID=2170
Jul 06, 2017
TCP/IP transfer rate
In rough terms on an older product (RCM3200) we were able to sustain a 4Mbit/s data rate. That translates to 500K Bytes/second. 30 MBytes/minute. 1.8G Bytes/hour.So we should be in the ball park. N...
Jul 06, 2017
What is the TCPIP data transfer rate for the RCM6700?
No actual speed tests have been done on the RCM6700.  However, in rough terms on an older product (RCM3200) we were able to sustain a 4Mbit/s data rate. That translates to 500K Bytes/second. 3...
Jul 06, 2017
Do any Rabbit boards support SNMP V2 or V3?
Dynamic C only supports SNMP V1.  We have no support for SNMP V2 or V3.   Details on the Dynamic C SNMP driver are in volume 2 of the TCPIP User Manual at this link http://www.digi.c...
Jul 06, 2017
Customer wants to add WiFi to the RCM3400
We do not have a separate add-on WiFi kit for our Rabbit boards at this time.  You would need to upgrade to one of our WiFi boards.  The choice is the RCM5400W, RCM5600W, or RCM6600W. &nb...
Jul 06, 2017
How can I purchase the Rabbit KDU (Keypad Display Unit)?
You can purchase the KDU with or without panel at this link http://store.digi.com/index.cfm?currentpage=3&fuseaction=category.display&category_id=639.   Details on this board c...
Jul 06, 2017
How can I add an external SD card to a Rabbit?
See the following information.  This gives an example of adding an external SD card to an RCM4400W: Custom ConfigurationsThe configuration library fat_config.lib is brought in when fat.li...
Jul 06, 2017
General Certification Comments on Digi products
Check the main reference manual for the given Digi product.  Generally they have a section marked 'Certification'.  If the certification in question is not seen there it is most l...
Jul 06, 2017
How can I copy the program from one Rabbit module to another Rabbit module?
Essentially, what you are asking is if you can clone a board.  For cloning to work you need a cloning board available from Digi at this link http://store.digi.com/index.cfm?currentpage=2&...
Jul 06, 2017
no packages appear in Package Manager List
If you see no packages in Package manager in Digi ESP in most cases this is a network problem on the network your PC is connected to preventing DigiESP from connecting to Digi's Package management ...
Jul 06, 2017
DigiESP for Digi embedded Linux does not start under Ubuntu/Kubuntu 14 or will fail to start after u
Using Ubuntu/Kubuntu 14 or after upgrade to version 14 or above user may experience following problem starting Digi ESP for Digi embedded Linux:  After an upgrade to Linux the IDE would start but w...
Jul 06, 2017
How do I open multiple serial ports at different baud rates in Dynamic C?
You can open multiple serial ports with the Dynamic C serXopen() function(X = A, B, C, D, E or F).  This function may or may not use the Timer A prescaler to create the desired baud rate. ...
Jul 06, 2017
?What can I use instead of uCOS-II in my Rabbit products?
There is an alternative in Dynamic C 10.72.  Basically, look at coprocess.lib.  There are 3 functions: cop_create(), cop_yield(), cop_resume().  The initial process (main) will ...
Jul 06, 2017
Do Rabbit processors have enough power to calculate fifth order polynomials?
You have touched on a subject that is near and dear to our hearts here. Our support engineers are typically electrical engineers and we tend to like math.As far as polynomials go, the Rabbit should...
Jul 06, 2017
RCI Examples
EXAMPLESReboot<rci_request version="1.1"><reboot></reboot></rci_request>Query all settings:<rci_request version="1.1"><query_setting/></rc...
Jul 06, 2017
Can you give me information on embedded web development for Rabbit products?
Digi provides two excellent webinars on embedded web development for Rabbit boards.  See this link http://www.digi.com/search/videos?QueryExpr=Embedded+Web+Development.The two webinars ar...
Jul 06, 2017
SNTP update time setting interval in Net+OS
There is no current way to force the SNTP client in Net+OS to check the time server at any specific time interval other than the one set at startup after starting the SNTP client. There is also no ...
Jul 06, 2017
Digi International Security Notice SSLv3 Vulnerability "POODLE"
Digi International Security NoticeCVE-2014-3566October 28th, 2014OverviewA security vulnerability  nicknamed "POODLE" CVE-2014-3566, was announced on October 14th, 2014. We have had many inqui...
Jul 06, 2017
Do you have any examples showing the low power functions for the LP3500?
For an example of putting your SBC into low power see samples\lp3500\power\lowpwrdemo.c.  This sample demonstrates the use of the hitwd() function to keep the board from resetting.
Jul 06, 2017
kernel-module-gpio compilation fails with Yocto 1.6.x
customers compiling gpio example and kernel module might see the following compilation failure:CC [M]  /home/digi/workspace16/ccardimx28js/tmp/work/ccardimx28js-dey-linux-gnueabi/kernel-module...
Jul 06, 2017
I need a serial key for Dynamic C 9.21 in order to install
The following serial keys are for Dynamic C 9.21:5993K-2NM-1C12SH3,DynamicC_9211K94W-2H3-1583AE3,DynamicC_9216H95L-2V3-1S27EC5,DynamicC_9214L969-2PS-1U76SU5,DynamicC_9216U94C-2AL-1H68WP7,DynamicC_921
Jul 06, 2017
How did my Rabbit RCM6600W ID block get corrupted?
First, as to how your ID block probably got corrupted.  Runaway code can certainly cause flash corruption, such as an erased ID block, and is usually very difficult to debug. Some things to ch...
Jul 06, 2017
The RCM6700 does not have PE4 available as an external interrupt. What can I do?
Please refer to the Rabbit 6000 processor manual for details on external interrupts.  There are now 22 separate pins which can be used for external interrupts.  For interrupt 0 and 1 y...
Jul 06, 2017
How to transfer the system to the target
Question:I'm working with a Digi Embedded Linux (DEL) ConnectCore/ConnectCard/Connect ME 9210 board having problems to transfer the system to the target. I've been following the command line refere...
Jul 06, 2017
Digi International Security Notice Vulnerability "GHOST"
 Digi International Security NoticeOriginally issued March 6th, 2015, updated December 18, 2015  CVE-2015-0235OverviewA critical security vulnerability, reported as CVE-2015-0235, nickna...
Jul 06, 2017
HOW TO: Find Country of Origin (CoO) for Digi-manufactured products
It is Digi's goal to facilitate and expedite worldwide trade in the most effective and efficient manner, by proactively observing all international rules and regulations regarding export. To a...
Jul 06, 2017
Where can I get the JTAG USB driver for Digi JTAG-Link
I'm unable to identify JTAG driver for in ubuntu. I only find the Windows drivers on the Digi website. Can you please provide the JTAG driver for Linux?USB drivers and J-Link application for Window...
Jul 06, 2017
MAC address changes to 00:40:9D:43:35:97 on NET+OS based modules
Problem: Module running NET+OS changes MAC to 00:40:9D:43:35:97Explanation:00:40:9D:43:35:97 is the default MAC address, and means your system has reset all NVRAM  values to defaults.NVRA...
Jul 06, 2017
DIO line passing and XBee modules using Mesh
Question:Do any of the XBee modules that support the mesh protocol also support digital IO line passing such as the XBee 802.15.4 module does?Answer:The only module to support direct, pin-to-pin, l...
Jul 06, 2017
What is the part number for the Digi JTAG LINK USB 2.0 20 pin hardware debugger?
Question:     What is the part number used for ordering a Digi JTAG LINK USB 2.0 20 pin hardware debugger?Answer:     The Digi JTAG LINK USB 2.0 20 pin hardware debugg...
Jul 06, 2017
Zigbee Home Automation
When developing a Zigbee Home Automation application or Wanting to talk with a Zigbee Home Automation Device, the XBee module you should select is the XBee ZB SMT module or XBee ZB (Zigbee) Surface...
Jul 06, 2017
Customer sent in equipment for root cause analysis by Digi Engineering or the RMA Dept
The customer sent in equipment via RMA for root cause analysis by Digi Engineering or Repairs/Manufacturing Assurance staff.
Jul 06, 2017
Rabbit: Critical Serial Flash Patch
********************************************************************************   Patch Notes for Serial Flash Support Update                      19-May-2015**************************************...
Jul 06, 2017
XBee WIFI Product Manual
Jul 06, 2017
device connectivity problems, can't resolve hostnames
Verify that a valid DNS server is defined on the Digi product.If you are still running into issues, contact Digi Technical Support at tech.support@digi.com
Jul 06, 2017
options not supported on plug and play firmware
Digi products often have a simple plug and play firmware loaded onto them.  While Digi tries to build products with many different kinds of capabilities, there are cases in which all functiona...
Jul 06, 2017
RMA repair options
If your Digi product is damaged there is a chance it can be repaired.  Please contact Digi technical support and explain the situation.  You'll want to take some pictures too if this is possibl...
Jul 06, 2017
Digi Python Learning Recommendations
python.org - for training materials from the creators of the language.Digi Python Wiki - specializing in python and how it applies to Digi products:http://www.digi.com/wiki/developer/index.php/Spec...
Jul 06, 2017
convert IEC_104 protocol to IEC_101
On possible solution using Python can be seen here:https://github.com/vlet/iec104Otherwise we would suggest to use Google for further research.
Jul 06, 2017
NTP requirements for connectivity
If you are facing connectivity problems, such as not able to connect to Remote Manager or build a VPN tunnel with certificates, check the time and date settings, such as NTP or SNTP settings on the...
Jul 06, 2017
XBee PRO SX Product Manual
Click here for the XBee PRO SX product manual.
Jul 06, 2017
A new vulnerability has arisen that has attracted significant attention. As always, Digi tracks all vulnerabilities that emerge and reviews these security issues regarding their impact on Digi prod...
Jul 06, 2017
How to debug a Qt-sample application with Digi ESP, and how to analyze core dump on device
Digi Embedded Linux 5.x provided Qt-sample application like tetrix_qt. The application uses qmake to build a .pro project file, as well as qmake to create a generated.mk which is used to build the ...
Jul 06, 2017
ADDP C++ library 40002892_A.zip GUID, debugging and compiling with Visual Studio 2008/2013 issues
In order to implement you custom device discovery tool using the ADDP protocol under Windows, Digi is offering a C++ library 40002892_A.zip.Customers reported problems with GUID functions and that ...
Jul 06, 2017
Embedded - NET+OS Modules - RomPager - Evaluation of Security Vulnerability – VU#561444 Expanded inf
OverviewMany Digi products contain and use the RomPager by Allegrosoft web server technology. It has come to our attention that this embedded web server, which is used for management of our devices...
Jul 06, 2017
Embedded - NET+OS Chips - RomPager - Evaluation of Security Vulnerability – VU#561444 Expanded info
OverviewMany Digi products contain and use the RomPager by Allegrosoft web server technology. It has come to our attention that this embedded web server, which is used for management of our devices...
Jul 06, 2017
Technical Support RMA Authorization requirements
RMA requests must be submitted to Digi Technical Support and are either Authorized or Unauthorized.Unauthorized RMA requests are subject to potential NPF (No Problems Found) fees, i.e. if hardware ...
Jul 06, 2017
Why are there delays when streaming packets in broadcast mode using Zigbee
Why do I see large delays when I am sending packets to the Broadcast address of 0xFFFF?When a packet is sent to the broadcast address, the radio keeps a table identifying which packets have been se...
Jul 06, 2017
RomPager - Evaluation of Security Vulnerability – VU#561444 Expanded info on CVE-2014-9222, CVE-2014
OverviewMany Digi products contain and use the RomPager by Allegrosoft web server technology. It has come to our attention that this embedded web server, which is used for management of our devices...
Jul 06, 2017