How to fix 1280K image.bin size limitation for Connectcore9p9215 and ConnectME9210 in NET+OS 7.5.2

The Connectcore9P9215 and ConnectME9210 were recently shipped with revised firmware.  This new firmware had an issue that limited the upload image (image.bin) size to 1280KB. 

On most applications, the limited image size is not an issue, but larger applications will fail to program. 

The below images, when programmed in FLASH, will address the issue and remove the 1280K size limitation on image.bin.

Once programmed, the module will behave as before, and will accept an image.bin of any size within the limitations of the FLASH size.

Images for fix 

Connectcore9p9215 -   Select NET+OS 7.5 from Drop Down Menu.
ConnectME9210 -   Select NET+OS 7.5 from Drop Down Menu.

Programming steps

Power up module.  Once at the prompt -

Type ftp <device ip address>, and press Enter.
When you see the prompt for user and password enter root and password.
Type binary and press Enter.
Type put image.bin and press Enter.  (use the image.bin from the zip that corresponds to the product you are working with.)
Type quit and press Enter. ​

Once the device has reset, please follow your standard firmware programming procedure.
Last updated: Sep 04, 2019

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