Compatiable Digi XBee products

From time to time, Technical Support will be asked "Which Digi XBee module is compatible with xxx".


This article is to help answer that question.


Starting with the protocols, any Zigbee, ZB product, product labeled as Zigbee, or ZB, is capable of talking with any other product using the same protocol.


As with Zigbee, this also holds true with Digi Mesh 2.4 and the IEEE 802.15.4 protocols.  Note that these three protocols are not capable of intercommunicating but any product that uses the same protocol as the other will communicate.

For example, if I was to use a Digi XBee3 Zigbee (ZB) module loaded with Zigbee firmware, it would be able to talk to a Digi XBee S2 ZB, Digi XBee S2B ZB, Digi XBee PRO ZB and Digi XBee S2C ZB. The same holds true for DigiMesh 2.4 and XBee 802.15.4 modules and adapters/modems. 


Now, this does NOT hold true on the 900 MHz products.  The reason is that each one of the 900 MHz products operates over different data rates, bandwidths, frequencies and more.  So what this means is that if I am using a Digi XBee 900 SX, then I can communicate with another Digi XBee 900 SX or Digi XBee PRO 900 SX module. But I will NOT be able to communicate with a Digi XBee PRO 900 HP or a Digi XBee PRO 900 module.

Last updated: Apr 19, 2019

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