Is there an isolation for PoE on the Connect ME/ME 9210 Modules?

According to 802.3af compliance, a 1500V isolation barrier is expected between PoE capable module and the point of entry from the Ethernet cable.

On Connect ME/ME 9210 pins 1&2 are Power Pass-Thru+ & Power Pass-Thru- respectively.
To meet 802.3af standard 1500V isolation is expected between pins 1&2 from 7-20.

However, Connect ME/ME 9210 modules do not meet the 1500V isolation specification of the 802.3af standard.
This design decision was intentional as there isn’t enough room in the ME/ME 9210 module to meet the creepage and clearance distances needed for 1500V isolation.
Last updated: Jun 19, 2019

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