Binder transaction failed error while android booting on CC6 SBC

When we connect CC6 SBC to the HDMI interface with the default settings on the CC6 module,While booting CC6 with the android default images that comes with the Digi ESP for Android, sometimes at the serial console of the module, we may get binder transaction failed error continuously,If we get this message continuously the module does not boot properly.
"binder: 104:104 transaction failed 29189, size 0-0”

To overcome this issue and to boot module properly, we need to set the below commands at the serial console.
Once power on the module, stop the booting process by pressing any key on the key board.Then set the below commands.

=>setenv extra_bootargs video=mxcfb0:dev=hdmi,1920x1080M@60 video=mxcfb1:off video=mxcfb2:off video=mxcfb3:off
=>setenv video_args
=>setenv bootargs_android "androidboot.hardware=ccimx6sbc"
=> bootargs_once="androidboot.cache=format"

Now boot the module by using the "boot" command,The module boots properly.
Last updated: Jun 12, 2019

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