MTBF for RCM6700

for Rabbit 20-101-1318 RCM6700 PN(1P):50001696-04 the MTBF figures are:
Bellcore RQGR Method I Parts Count Method (assume Gc Env, 40C, 50% Elec Stress for all components)    
FITs are Failures per 10**9 hours, MTBF is Mean Time Between Failures, Digi Quality Level:

a) before 2015-06-02 50001696-04 Revision B, C, D, E with old flash chip:
Temperature = 40C FITs:  733 MTBF: 1363466 hours, 155.65 years
Temperature = 60C FITs: 2112 MTBF:  473586 hours,  54.06 years

b) after 2015-06-02 50001696-04 Revision F with new serial flash chip:
Temperature = 40C FITs:   579 MTBF: 1726370 hours, 197.07 years
Temperature = 60C FITs: 1642 MTBF:   609029 hours,   69.52 years
Last updated: Jun 06, 2019

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