Enabling additional serial ports in Android (AADK) for ConnectCard for Wi-i.MX28

I tested a CCARDWMX28 with aadk- and works fine using the AUART2.
The default images have enabled the AUART2(TTL) and works fine with the SerialConsole app using the node /dev/ttySP2.
I’ve configured and rebuilt default android kernel from sources in aadk 1.4:
Here are the ports that are enabled by default:
User-added image
I have enabled AUART4. SSP3 seems to be disabled by default. AUART1 conflicts with LCD so I have not enabled it. With the new kernel both SerialConsole  and SerialPort_1.1.apk work with /dev/ttySP4 – it has DB-9 port so it is very easy to test.
If you boot a ccardmx28 with a kernel that supports the AUART4 you have the following rights:
Then if you modify it to 777:
and start the Serial Console app, you will see both serial ports:
User-added image 
# /sys/devices/platform/busfreq.0 enable 0660 system system
If you add the  node /dev/ttySP4 to this list:

And finally reboot your device, in the next boot when you start the Serial Console app you will see the node /dev/ttySP4.
Notice that this application save the list of the serial ports, then if you can not see the serial port /dev/ttySP4 you must to stop the app and clear the cache for this application from the settings menu (Settings -> Apps -> Serial Console -> “Force Stop” and “Clear data”.
Last updated: Jun 13, 2019

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