What is ADDP? What is link-local? Are these available for Rabbit boards?

Both ADDP and link-local are available starting with Dynamic C 10.60. See samples\tcpip\addp.c for an example using both.

ADDP: Windows computers use an ADDP (Advanced Device Discovery Protocol, a multicast UDP protocol) client to discover Digi products on a network and optionally modify their network configuration. DC 10.60 includes a library for the protocol, a sample that handles ADDP requests and demonstrates how to store and retrieve network settings from the UserBlock, two ADDP client utilities and a DLL that customers can use to make their own ADDP client.

Link-local: Ad-hoc Ethernet networks without a DHCP server can use link-local addressing to dynamically select IP addresses and communicate with each other. Typically used as a fallback for when a DHCP server is unavailable, nodes on the network select a random, unused address in the to 169.254.255 range. Useful as a default setting for products our customers sell – a device will use DHCP if available, or will select a link-local address that doesn’t conflict with existing devices, allowing an ADDP client to find and configure it.

Last updated: May 22, 2019

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