Windows, NET+OS or Linux Embedded License or installation key missing

Customer owning a Digi Embedded ConnectCore, Digi Connect ME (9210) or ConnectCard module and asking how to get the customized firmware images, would need to have either Windows Embedded, NET+OS or Digi Embedded Linux toolchain. To install the toolchain customers would need a install license key, which can be bought separately but is part of a Digi Jump Start Kit for the respective module.
Exception are FreeScale based ConnectCore/Card i.MX* modules for which we offer Digi Embedded Yocto for free download.

Customers might still ask Digi for factory default firmware image as provided with the JSK, which may be offered for download without license key. However those do only allow limited customization (no kernel/application recompilation) but are fine for some basic hardware testing, e.g. RMA request validation on a Digi development board.

If customers would like to evaluate the embedded core modules products, they are supposed to buy a Jump Start Kit (including installation license) and should contact Digi sales or their Digi distributor
Last updated: Jun 11, 2019

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