How to get rid of NET+OS 7.5 different build errors on Windows 7 64-bit machine

DISCLAIMER :- Digi ESP is not officially supported on Windows 7 64-bit Host.
The Solution explained here is only a workaround which may or may not work depending on your privileges on Host Machine.

Make sure that you have applied all latest patches. Double check by starting Digi ESP -> Package Manager (You should be having an Internet connection)
  1. If all patches are applied then make sure that you have followed the instructions mentioned in Installed NET+OS 7.5.2 and all updates but getting build errors like >> multiple definition of ***Mesh***
  2. Right Click on Digi ESP shorcut on desktop and go to Properties -> Compaitability
    • Run this program in Compaitability Mode -> Win XP SP2
    • Privilege Level -> Run this Program in Administrator Mode.
  3. Go to C:\cygwin420\bin and apply the settings mentioned in point.3 seperately to executables > make.exe , gcc.exe, g++.exe
Last updated: Jun 11, 2019

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