Accessing Digi's FTP Site

Digi FTP site allows customer to download files such as firmware, documentation, tools etc. This is particulary useful for downloading older firmware versions which are not linked directly on the support page of the product.

Starting with version 87, Google Chrome will not support the FTP protocol by default. A later version will have support for the protocol removed. This is done to improve security for users.
Other web browsers might follow which will require an alternative method for users to access the FTP site.

FTP Client

Using an FTP client, such as FileZilla, just fill in the host field with the FTP server addess (it can also be followed by the directory you are trying to access, for example the firmware directory would be:

Microsoft Windows Explorer

On Microsoft Windows, it is also possible to just use the File Explorer (the same one used to browse the hard disks of a computer) to navigate an FTP site.

Just paste or type the URL of the FTP site in the address of File Explorer and press ENTER:

If you face any difficulties accessing our FTP site or require a certain file, please contact our Technical Support team: 

Last updated: Dec 11, 2023

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