When switch 4 is enabled, the XBee ZB DIO adapter may not properly power cycle

Problem Description:
When switch 4 is enabled (On), the DIO module may not power up and associate to the Zigbee network.

When Input ‘Iine 1’ contact is closed and power is first applied to the DIO, the DIO may not ‘startup’.  The only way to have the DIO startup correctly, is to open the contacts on Iine 1 and apply power.  Once the DIO has started, you can close the contacts on Iine 1 and the DIO will continue to run correctly.  There is no issue if either Iine 2 or Iine 3 contacts are closed (and Iine 1 contacts are open) when power is first applied. 

If pin 9 or pin 16 are disconnected from the xbee module then it will function reliably. Switch #4 is connected to those lines and is causing some sort of issue that prevents the xbee from starting up and executing. 

There are 4 work-arounds for the issue.

1-  On failure, do a quick power cycle and it should start up. This is not an option if you do not have some external logic or method to perform it manually. 
2 - Put an external 10K pull-up resistor between terminal 6 and 2, 
3 - Disconnect pin 9 from the XBee module, 
4-  Disconnect pin 16 from the XBee module.

For more Zigbee Adapter information see the product developer page here: http://www.digi.com/wiki/developer/index.php/XBee_Digital_I/O_Adapter
Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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