When switch 4 is enabled, the XBee ZB DIO adapter may not properly power cycle

If pin 9 or pin 16 are disconnected from the xbee module then it will function reliably. Switch #4 is connected to those lines and is causing some sort of issue that prevents the xbee from starting up and executing. 

There are 4 work-arounds for the issue.

1-  On failure, do a quick power cycle and it should start up. This is not an option if you do not have some external logic or method to perform it manually. 
2 - Put an external 10K pull-up resistor between terminal 6 and 2, 
3 - Disconnect pin 9 from the XBee module, 
4-  Disconnect pin 16 from the XBee module.

Last updated: Aug 08, 2017

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