Digi Connect Programmer Examples

The purpose of this document is to show some simple examples on how to use the Digi Connect Programmer utility. This utility is used for uploading a firmware image or other files to an embedded Digi product running the standard plug and play firmware (Connect ME, WiME, EM, WiEM, SP, WiSP, etc.).

These examples were tested with the version of the Digi Connect Programmer.



Discover devices*
connectprog /discover

Set IP address*
connectprog /set /mac=00409D123456 /ip=

Upload configuration file and pass authentication information (username and password)*
connectprog /upload /destip= /config=C:\myconfig.txt /username=root /password=dbps

Upload new company logo, cascading stye sheet, and company name. (a.k.a. customization files)*
connectprog /upload /mac=00409d24d140 /username=custom /password=custom /custom=stylesheet.css
connectprog /upload /mac=00409d24d140 /username=custom /password=custom /custom=config.ini
connectprog /upload /mac=00409d24d140 /username=custom /password=custom /custom=logo_edi.gif

Upload configuration file*
connectprog /upload /mac=00409d24d140 /username=root /password=dbps /config=mmu16leip_digi_config.cfg

Upload new firmware and reboot when finished*
connectprog /upload /destip= /firmware=82000856_G.bin /username=root /password=dbps /reboot


*This file assumes that all invoked files and commands are in the same directory


Last updated: Jun 12, 2019

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