What is the part number and manufacturer name of the 20-pin Connect ME socket header on the programming board that comes with the Connect ME Integration and Development Kits?

The manufacturer is Samtec.

The part number is not a straight forward issue. The Samtec concept is that you build your part number based on your needs.

Follow the follow steps to create your header's part number:

  1. Go to Samtec's web site.
  2. Perform a specifications search on part number FTS-110-01-F-DV-TR (this is the Samtec part number for the 20-pin header on the Connect ME module itself.
  3. The resulting page should provide with a listing on "mates with" connectors. Select CLP.
  4. From the CLP Series Overview page, at the top of the page is a link to "Build A Part Number". Select this link.
  5. From this page you can select the options you desire and validate your generated part number.


The mating socket on the programming board for the JTAG wing on the ME module itself is:

Samtec P/N CLE-107-01-G-DV.

Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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