How to get latest Digi Embedded Linux version for Digi Connect ME 9210

Unfortunately Digi Connect ME 9210 development kits for Linux: DC-ME-9210-LX are still delivered with old DVD with Digi Embedded Linux DEL-5.2.

In order to avoid starting your development with and Linux development toolchain and running into known issues or issues solved with the latest version, please contact Digi Technical Support to get a download link for Digi Embedded Linux DEL-5.7(.2) or newer. You will need the license key from the yellow sticker on your older DEL-5.x DVD in order to install it.

After installing latest Digi Embedded Linux, please make sure you are running the Eclipse ESP integrated PackageManager to get latest updates, hotfixes and patches from Digi.

Contact Digi Technical Support through support portal: or via
Last updated: Jun 21, 2019

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