HOW TO: Configure Pseudo (differential) Reporting on the ConnectPort X2e for Smart Energy


 If the max_interval is reached but none of the attribute values have changed enough to generate a report, an attribute report containing the current attribute value for all configured attributes is sent to Device Cloud anyway.

Pseudo Reporting is commonly used for reading Smart Meters, Thermostats, and many other Smart Energy devices which don't have the built-in ability to report their attribute data.


Available Pseudo Reporting configuration parameters:

Key:  A parameter type of int = integer, and bool = a value of True or False.  Parameters listed with * specify optional parameters).

Parameters common to all types of Reporting:

The status of the configuration operation, which may be 0 (“success”), some other ZCL status code (e.g. 0x86 “attribute not found”) or some internal status code (e.g. 0x202 “conversation timeout”).

Parameters specific to Pseudo reporting (simulated ZCL reporting by read_attributes polling):
  The minimum value by which the attributes value must change before a report will be generated, excluding min and max interval restrictions. The type of this parameter corresponds with the ZCL type of the attribute. Note that this value is only meaningful for analog ZCL types; for discrete types any change is considered a reportable change.

How to configure Pseudo attribute reporting:

      <check_interval type="int">0x12C</check_interval>
      <reportable_change type="int">1</reportable_change>
    <item type="StartReportRecord">
      <destination_address type="MAC">       <check_interval type="int">0x12C</check_interval>
      <reportable_change type="int">1</reportable_change>

What did the request do?

server_or_client - the type of Meter cluster for cluster_id above (0 = server cluster, 1 = client cluster)
attribute_id - the ID of the Current Summation Delivered attribute found under cluster_id
- since we want pseudo_reporting, pseudo_reporting = TRUE

reportable_change - the amount of attribute change which is meaningful to generate a report


The <start_reports> configuration above can be used to report on the readable ZCL attribute(s) of any Smart Energy device, whether or not the device supports ZCL attribute reporting.

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Last updated: Aug 23, 2018

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