General troubleshooting tips for the ConnectPort Display M22

1. If you look at the front panel of the unit, the System Status LED should blink slow Green and the two USB port LEDs should be solid Green. You should see this behavior after the unit has booted, which takes about 15 seconds, no matter if it is connected to a host PC or not.
2. Knowing the IP address of the ConnectPort Display M22 is essential for troubleshooting. You can determine this in a couple of ways:
  • Power cycle the ConnectPort Display M22 and look at the display attached to it, while it is booting. The ConnectPort Display M22's IP address should be displayed at the very top when you see the Digi logo (or whatever other splash screen you may have in its place).
Once you know the IP address of the ConnectPort Display M22, type it in a web browser from a PC thats on the same network. Are you able to get into the M22's webpage? If so, this confirms the M22 is ready for use.
3. If you are using Remote Access mode and have a blue colored screen with an "Access Denied" error message, it usually means one of the following:
  • The "Require MS Logon" option is checked in the UltraVNC Server properties. This option must be unchecked.
  • The ConnectPort Display M22's password does not match the UltraVNC Server password. The UltraVNC Server password is also configured in the UltraVNC Server properties, similar to the "Require MS Logon" option just above. To configure the ConnectPort Display M22's password, open the ConnectPort Display M22's Web UI, click the "Remote Access" link on the left, input the password in the Password field, then click Apply.  The ConnectPort Display M22 may need to be rebooted afterwards.
4. If you're using Remote Access mode and have a blue colored screen with a "Connecting to ... (IP address)" message:
  • In the "Remote Access" configuration section of the ConnectPort Display M22 Web UI, be sure that "VNC Server" address is the proper IP address of the host computer (the computer running UltraVNC Server).
  • Temporarily disable any software firewall that may be running on the host PC, such as Windows Firewall. If that resolves the issue, you will need to add an "Exception" in that firewall to allow inbound traffic on port 5900 TCP (the port that UltraVNC Server uses).
5. To rule out potential network problems, when using Remote Access mode, connect the ConnectPort Display M22 directly to the host computer with a crossover cable. Configure both devices with static IP addresses on the same subnet, such as for the ConnectPort Display M22 and for the host computer. If the actual host computer is in a production environment, install UltraVNC Server on a test computer to be used for troubleshooting purposes in this scenario.
Last updated: May 29, 2019

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