How to install Accessibility plug-ins on the Android 2.3 CCWi-i.MX53 device?

By installing the Accessibility plug-ins on the Android CCWi-i.MX53 device,you can hear the voice while navigating the user interface on the device.
First of all Install talk back plug-in from the below link

Then install the sound back apk file from the below link

Once installed the above plug-ins on the device, now open the Settings->Accessibility-->Enable the Accessibility, Sound back and Talk back then close the windows.

Now if you open any application on the device,speech synthesizer speak the labels or names of items as you navigate the phone's user interface, this voice you can able to hear if you connect the head phones to the device.

Note: before installing the applications on the device, you should insert the Micro SD card at X14 slot on the CCWi-i.MX53 device.

Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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